Deliver better feedback with lloop, the leadership development tool that provides a simple, cloud-driven way to capture and organize feedback.

Manage your people and connect in-app.

With lloop, you can import people from your contacts, or enter them directly into the app as new contacts. Once those people are lloop users as well, you can connect with them directly for sharing feedback and comments.

Log and save feedback.

Our simple one-touch process lets you quickly and easily log feedback from anywhere. Once you're finished, it gets saved to your account and synced with our private cloud, allowing you access from multiple devices. lloop also allows you to categorize your feedback, providing simple and intuitive organization.

Manage and share your feedback.

No feedback is ever shared with the other person automatically. Once you've refined your feedback, you can share it with anyone you choose. Among these options are sending directly via email, or right through lloop to those people with whom you're connected.
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